SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine
SBM 500 Stationary Beveling MachineSBM 500 Stationary Beveling MachineSBM 500 Stationary Beveling MachineSBM 500 Stationary Beveling MachineSBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine

SBM 500 Stationary Beveling Machine

The Steelmax SBM500 is a robust and efficient solution for beveling and deburring steel plate, angle, square/rectangular tubing and pipe. The SBM500 features a high-speed rotary milling head with carbide inserts that produces a clean, milled surface without thermal distortion or a heat affected zone. Variable feed rates and precise milling head speed control produce repeatable and accurately milled weld preparations in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials; improving part fit-up resulting in better welds. Accurate weld preparation reduces over welding, defect repair and production time, significantly lowering production costs. With the capacity to produce bevels up to 1-3/16” wide on plate up to 4” thick, the SBM500 is a unique solution for fabricators that need a high throughput beveling solution.


  • Powerful 7,500 Watt electric motor for continuous operation
  • Variable auto-feed to bevel both ferrous and non-ferrous materials
  • Continuously adjustable bevel angle from 15 to 60 degrees
  • Simple depth of cut adjustment
  • High-speed rotary milling head with 7 replaceable carbide inserts produces a clean, milled surface free of thermal distortion with no heat affected zone
  • Multiple cutting insert designs for optimal performance on different materials
  • Versatile table top operation permits hand feeding of small plates, square/rectangular tubing, pipe, angle iron and round stock
  • Optional table extensions accommodate longer material
  • Produces bevel widths up to 1-3/16” (30 mm)
  • Plate thickness up to 4” (100 mm)
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SBM 500 Technical Specifications 
Part NumberSM-SBM500
Bevel Angle Range15 - 60 degrees
Max Bevel Width1-3/16″ (30 mm)
Maximum Bevel Depth Per Pass1/4" (6 mm)
Minimum Plate Length6″ (150 mm)
Minimum Plate Width2″ (50 mm)
Plate Thickness Range1/8″ to 4″ (3-100 mm)
Round Stock Diameter Range2″ to 6″ (50-150 mm)
Square/Rectangular Tubing RangeUp to 4″ x 4” (100 mm x 100 mm)
Minimum Angle Profile Size2″ x 2″ (50 mm x 50 mm)
Feed Rate Range6-120" in/min (0.2 - 3.3 meters/min)
Voltage480 V, 3 Phases, 50-60 Hz
Machine Weight1,910 lbs. (865 kg)
Spindle Speed Range500 - 2,920 RPM

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