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PBM 1000 High Speed Pipe Beveling System

The Steelmax SM-PBM 1000 is designed for beveling and facing pipes, tanks or tubes with diameters ranging from 8″ – 40″ (200 mm – 1000 mm). It is capable of machining bevel widths up to 1-3/4″ (45 mm) within a range of angles from 0° – 60°. An exclusive “J” groove beveling attachment is also available. With its high-speed rotary milling head, PBM 1000 produces accurate bevels in a fraction of the time required by traditional single point machining. This saves time and money and improves accuracy.


  • Bevel pipe between 8 – 40″ diameter
  • High-speed rotary milling head with replaceable inserts
  • Adjustable bevel angle between 0° – 60°
  • J groove beveling option
  • 11 ton capacity
  • Powerful 230 Volt 3 PH Motor
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Part NumberSM-PBM 1000
Power Supply230 VAC 3PH 60Hz 1.86kW
Pipe Diameter Range8″ – 40″ (200 mm – 1000 mm)
Max Pipe Weight13,200 lbs (with standard rollers)

22,000 lbs (with optional steel rollers)

Pipe FixingMechanical with Chain
Max Feed Rate40 ipm (1000 mm/min)
Beveling angle0-60°
Maximum OD bevel width1-3/4″ (45 mm)
Maximum ID bevel width3/16″ (5mm) at 45°
Weight2,200 lbs (1000 kg)
Accessories and optional equipment 
SM-GLW-000013 Standard Milling head (7 inserts required)
SM-PLY-000282 Cutting inserts for beveling
SM-GLW-000014 J-groove R6 milling head (6 inserts R6 required)
SM-PLY-000198Cutting insert for J-groove R6 end preparation
J-groove R8 milling head (5 inserts R8 required)
Cutting insert for J-groove R8 end preparation
SM-ZST-0436-25-00-00-0 Stainless Steel Set
SM-WSP-0436-24-00-00-0 Oval Pipe Tracking Attachment

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