mag drill

D4X Heavy-Duty Mag Drill

The D4X heavy-duty magnetic drilling machine from steelmax is equipped with a 4-speed mechanical gearbox and a high-torque 1,650 Watt motor with overload protection to tackle the toughest hole-making requirements.  Its precision, durability and reliability are significantly enhanced due to its one-piece gearbox housing and slide.  Our unique semi-automatic gib adjustment system enables simple, fast and precise fine tuning without any expert knowledge or experience.  A replaceable spline on the end of the armature shaft eliminates laborious and expensive armature maintenance.

The D4X is equipped with our proprietary Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC) system which provides maximum holding power on thin material (down to 3/8″ thick), a Magnetic Power Adhesion Control (MPAC) module which detects adequate adhesive force for safe operation and our Safe magnet™ circuitry which will not allow the drill to function in unsafe conditions.


  • 4-3/8″ (111 mm) diameter x 3″ (76 mm) depth of cut
  • Purpose-designed 1,650 Watt motor with heavy-duty 4-speed gearbox
  • Soft start circuitry and motor overload protection with LED indicator
  • Morse Taper No. 4 for maximum capability and flexibility
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Gear box and slide system made as one piece
  • Semi-automatic gib backlash adjustment
  • Safe Magnet™ circuitry recognizes magnetic holding power
  • Magnetic Power Adhesion Control (MPAC)
  • Magnetic Field Shape Control (MFSC)
Optional Accessories: 
SM-DC-MT4-13Morse Taper #4, 1/2” drill chuck
SM-DC-MT4-20Morse Taper #4, 3/4” drill chuck
SM-UCW-0191-02-00-00-0Morse Taper #4, arbor for 1-1/4" shank cutters

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