Steelmax Automatic Self Reversing Tapping Head

Automatic Self-Reversing Tapping Heads


Eliminate laborious hand tapping! Convert your magnetic base drill to a portable tapping machine. When the drill press spindle is raised, gears within the tapping head engage, causing the tapping head to reverse, quickly backing the tap out of the hole while producing perfect threads.

  • Achieve higher production rates. Batch quantities and heavy production rapidly achieved through accuracy and repeatability of the tapping heads.
  • The ball-clutch mechanism reduces tap breakage and can extend the life of the tap as much as 100%.
  • A large planetary gear reverses the tap 75% faster than the drill speed.
  • The tapping heads include rubber flex collets which can be used across the entire tapping head capacity.
  • The Steelmax reversible tapping heads are excellent tools to work with the D3XRS magnetic drill with its variable speed capability.
SM-HR2Reversing tapping head with MT3
1/8" - 1/2” (3 - 12 mm)
SM-HR3Reversing tapping head with MT3
5/16" - 3/4” (8-20 mm)